“Porziola” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Visually marked by cleanliness and transparency, the scents can fluctuate from grass to almond and artichoke. On the palate there may be distinct bitter notes and a spicy sensation, distinctive features of an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Antonietta Mazzeo, Technician and Expert in Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our “organic” oil is currently in the process of conversion!

We are indicating our oil as ORGANIC exclusively because we are already meeting all the requirements imposed by European Regulation 2018/848 which regulates the production of organic products. At the moment, however, the last missing requirement before we can display the organic label and be definitively certified as such, are the 3 years that must elapse from when the conversion request was submitted.
For this reason it is important to specify that our organic oil is currently still in the process of conversion.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Porziola” is the simple result of pressing a fruit, the olive; an extraordinarily natural essence, the result of an exciting journey, of an ancient art, expression and precise testimony of love and devotion for the culture of the territory, deep roots to which entire civilisations have clung, those of the olive.

The natural and different course of the seasons does not allow the replication over time of some of the taste-olfactory characteristics of our extra virgin olive oil. Every year we set ourselves the goal of obtaining the highest quality, with total respect for the raw material, skilfully mixing the ingredients that characterise our company: passion, respect and love for the natural transformation from fruit to green gold.

The production phases of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


One of the operations that we are most involved in is annual pruning: our constant curiosity and passion have led us over the years to attend theoretical and practical pruning courses, thanks to which we have acquired valuable knowledge. The satisfaction of shaping a plant according to the acquired techniques has repaid us for the many efforts spent and has increased our experience.

Pruning techniques may be different, they may depend on the customs practised in different regions and also on the climate. For example, in the north it is more likely to snow than in the south, so in the north we tend to keep the branches more inclined upwards, at about 30°, to prevent a snowfall from breaking the main branches, while in the south we tend to let the branches grow more horizontally to widen the plant and be able to pick the fruit more easily.


No less important is the way and the period in which the olives are picked (as soon as they are just partially ripe). This operation, apparently the most banal, is carried out with a lot of patience and not less effort by hand, grazing the twigs one by one. Once this is done, the olives are taken the same day to the oil mill for the long-awaited transformation into oil, extracted using the ‘cold extraction’ method.

During the short time before milling, they are stored in small crates perforated on all sides to allow airing of the raw material and to prevent the formation of mould that could affect the quality of the finished product.

Organic is first and foremost an ethical choice!

Choosing an organic extra virgin olive oil of 100% Italian origin means supporting local producers, the economy of your land, and above all choosing a healthy and certified product that avoids the excessive exploitation of natural resources.

Porziola Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively with olives from our farm, from olive trees grown on land that is free from any chemical pesticides and refers to cultivation and production methods that use only natural substances: any chemical synthesis substances, such as fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides are avoided as they cause serious alterations to the natural habitat that would severely affect the healthiness and authenticity of the food.

Porziola Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced and processed by mechanical means, i.e. by simply pressing the olives.

How we guarantee organic production

The control of organic food production is carried out by an inspection body, usually private companies authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture to certify that a product meets the requirements of European Regulation 2018/848.

As producers we are obliged to provide specific documentation and allow inspections in order to identify possible frauds: the control of production machinery and working tools, checks on the soil, leaves and fruit and the traceability of organic olives up to their transformation into oil.

The inspection body that certifies Porziola Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Suolo e Salute.